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should health insurance companies have access to genetic information

Posted by: | Posted on: November 27, 2020

James Shaw, USA, This is a personal issue for me. Basically it's not much different to backing the 3:15 at Newmarket, except that anything self-inflicted is excluded. Like it or not we are already discriminated against and it seems fairly academic whether or not genetic test results add to this situation. All rights reserved. Author, 'Inheritance: How Our Genes Change Our Lives -- and Our Lives Change Our Genes'. Head to head. medical care and treatment possible. Somehow, I think not. It can be misunderstood or its significance overestimated. The agreement in the UK—one of the first countries to instate one—allows for the review of possible problems from such bans. Why should someone with a conventional illness be refused medical insurance cover, or made to pay an higher premium, while those with (potential) illnesses detected through genetic tests can be insured as if they did not have the affliction? This is very much not in the interests of the health of the nation. In this respect they seem to be getting their way more and more, because the law is HELPING them do so!!! Social media's not just a great way to keep in touch with our loved ones -- it's also a potentially very deep and rich source of information for genetic cyber sleuths. Your email address will not be published. The same fear has resurfaced today, as genetic testing becomes a more normalised part of medical research and beyond. G Lewis, Genetic information should be used to prevent serious illnesses, not to leave ill people unattended. audience. Robert, Brenne Buckley, need. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------. However, within the next century, where the function of all human genes is elucidated, I'm sure we will discover that everyone is predisposed to at least one disease. our fanatical search for the wildlife of southern Africa, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. In fact, there’s not enough information today to even determine precisely how that might work. Twice in the last four years, Hamet has watched insurance companies deny protection to his patients based on their genetic results. They would then go bust as only the risk people would bother insuring. My husband has one of the identified diseases (polycystic kidney disease) and has already been hammered by insurance companies. It is unbelievable! Bit by bit we cede our humanity for short-term profit and the illusion of security. American health insurers will have to have access to this data in order to make actuarial calculations. Chiara Sorbi, USA, First it was sexual and racial discrimination, now it's genetic discrimination. The parliament has to forbid all kinds of judging the individual by his genetic material. What next, a law that says only Oxbridge graduates are fit to provide genes to parent children? Robert, England, I have had first hand experience of how Insurance Companies deal with genetic test results. This will further accelerate the moral hazard in health insurance in the US where low risk patients will gamble and remain uninsured while high risk patients (based on their known genetic information, etc) will stay in the insurance pool driving up the costs for those who remain. They would be inclined to acquire more life insurance, for fear of how it might impact their health in the future. on their genetic makeup, from the Shame shame shame on the government. But the tests might keep you from being able to get life insurance or a long-term-care policy. If they discriminate - change your insurer immediately - never mind the shareholders. Insurance companies already have access to our medical records and are entitled to ask probing questions about our parents' diseases, our sexual habits, how much we drink/ smoke, etc. Please - don't make the same mistake again. “It’s completely arbitrary,” says Boudreau. Live - At the very least, people are now talking about genetics, a development that has been as revolutionary as it is controversial. It's nobody's fault that they suffer from a genetic condition and they shouldn't be punished for it. Laurence, Anything but this wooly "well its just Huntingdon's" statement, which should really be appended with "for now". Wales, The genetic dream was not about setting up a situation were insurance companies end up constituting a selective pressure on human evolution. Companies might feel economically justified in making secretive social media genetic health status sweeps a regular part of their hiring practices. This is something I would expect from This law has been received by pressure of the Dutch Huntington Society and other patient organisations. They use every other means to make sure they don't pay up and claimants lose out! Andy, There is no good reason to deny insurers access to genetic information, argues a Professor of Ethics in a debate published in this week’s British Medical Journal (Should genetic information be disclosed to insurers?

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