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list of interjections

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Here’s our short guide to the most common ones, and examples to help you use them yourself. , notice how Ms. Austen employed these words to enliven her dialogue: Have a little compassion on my nerves. The given article will help you to make proper usage wherever required. In other words, it measures how much one is answering a question and in what way. (noun) a hunting cry given on the sighting of the quarry; (verb) to give this cry. Sitemap. The following is a list of these sounds or words; they are also called ‘ Hesitation Devices’ Reference List, Works Cited Page vs Bibliography – What’s the Difference, A Complete Guide to Annotated Bibliographies, Introduction to Pronouns & What is a Pronoun, Get instant grammar and style suggestions. Our resource library can help you find answers for APA format and more. These words and phrases, such as, are only a few examples that give emotion to an answer. An interjection is one or more words or a phrase which comes at the beginning of a sentence and generally expresses emotions. To demonstrate how these words can enhance your writing, consider how their use reflects her characters’ personalities and emotions in, , that I should be afraid of him? This. It is just as he chooses. These are words that make requests or demands and express the desires and wishes of the person speaking them. Make sure as you read through the types of interjections to pick out the interjections that have more than one expression or can be used in multiple ways and try to understand the difference. Mild interjections are usually set off from the rest of the sentence with a comma. Curses. Write a sentence with a word that is considered cognitive and another with a word that is considered emotive. Click this site to read more. Adjectives, adverbs, nouns, verbs become interjections when they represent an exclamation. Before jumping into the first list of interjections, it may be useful to review the definition and use of volitive terms. List of interjections. Yet an all-in-one, one-stop shop interjections list would be an indispensable tool for any creative writer. Academic and non-fiction writers would benefit from an, of this scale, too. They are typically unplanned expressions or reactions. Discourse markers. Jane Austen is renowned for writing brilliant dialogue. Hip-Hop Database Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community. Boo-ya (boo-yah) is an exclamation of sheer triumph. For help with in-text citations for your quotes, check out Citation Machine Plus. It does not express any particular emotional attachment, sensitivities, etc. exclamation of surprise, joy, dejection, uneasiness, weariness, etc. This list of interjections contains words like oh my, good heavens, and holy cow. To demonstrate how these words can enhance your writing, consider how their use reflects her characters’ personalities and emotions in Pride and Prejudice: Mrs. Bennet’s use of pray expresses, in one word, her desire, namely: “I want you to tell me.”, In this example, Elizabeth’s use of no communicates her desire to be heard, i.e., “I want you to do as I say.”. Interjections are often found or used at the beginning of a sentence but technically they can be anywhere in the sentence, including the middle and the end. Some Interjections sound weird as they can be new to a reader or listener. imitative of a hunting horn; (noun) a headlong gallop, Tarantara, tarantaras , tarantaras, tarantaraed, tarantaraing, imitative of a hunting cry; (noun) a hunting cry; (verb) to make this, Taratantara, taratantaras, taratantaras taratantaraed taratantaraing, a hunter’s call to pointers or setters to stop, rebuke, mild disapprobation in Scottish language, an exclamation of error, awareness of a problem, an exclamation to avert ill luck following boasting in German, farewell, to more than one person in Latin, the sound of an engine revving or of a car travelling at high speed, an offensive expression of rejection in South African language, expressing surprise, shock, in Afrikaans langauge. These are words that make requests or demands and express the desires and wishes of the person speaking them. See if you can come up with any more to add to this list. Do a quick review with a friend and see if you can create your own examples using words or phrases from any of the interjection lists shown. Jane Austen is renowned for writing brilliant dialogue. 1 A 2 C 3 D 4 E 5 F 6 G 7 J 8 L 9 N 10 O 11 P 12 Q 13 R 14 T 15 U 16 W 17 Y 18 See Also Aight (interjection) Ay yo trip (interjection) ==Bbecauae u too nutty.S. Interjection do not specifically cite any one specific emotion or sentiment; they can be used to used to express disgust, enthusiasm, excitement, joy, surprise and several others. … How rich and how great you will be!…, Mrs. Bennet, who by now you’ve surmised can be just a bit much, is using, here to show her surprise upon learning new information. As such can be in the form of One Word. An Interjection is a word used to express enthusiasm, disgust, excitement, joy, sorrow, and other expressions. Verbal nods. So, do take the test and watch the video. To create a comprehensive list of interjections, these are just some of the many types of words and phrases you’d need to include. When quoting a source in non-standard form, you should consult your style guide to learn what, if anything, you should modify. or a Comma, when written. Need a refresher on the definition of this part of speech first? Though I shall always say that he used my daughter extremely ill; and if I was her, I would not have put up with it. What’s a Parenthetical Citation vs. a Footnote? A Comma is used for a mild emotion; whereas, an exclamation mark is used for abrupt display of surprise, emotion or deep feeling. Check out this. Interjections are one of the eight parts of speech. Words such as shh, psst, and oh have variant spellings and, when used casually, may include additional letters for emphasis. Hello, hellos, helloes, helloed, helloing, announce the surprising achievement of something, as if by magic, Hillo, hillos, hilloes, hilloed, hilloing, Hilloa, hilloas, hilloas, hilloaed, hilloaing, approbation; noun and verb forms form other meanings, so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness, Holla, hollas, hollas, hollaed, hollaing, Holloa, holloas, holloas, holloaed, holloaing, Hollo, hollos, holloes, holloed, holloing, Holloo, holloos, holloos, hollooed, hollooing, Hongi, hongis, hongis, hongiing, hongied, greeting, touching nose to nose in Maori language, Hoorah, hoorahs, hoorahs, hoorahed, hoorahing, Hooray, hoorays, hoorays, hoorayed, hooraying, Hosanna, hosannas, hosannas, hosannaed, hosannaing, perform intricate manoeuvres while skiing, someone who performs dangerous stunts to attract attention to himself, Howdie, howdies, howdied, howdy, howdying, Hullo, hullos, hulloes, hulloed, hulloing, Hulloa, hulloas, hulloas, hulloaed, hulloaing, Hulloo, hulloos, hulloos, hullooing, hullooed, indicating attention in South African language, expressing surprise, shock in Afrikaans language, i swear in Hinglish (mixture of Hindi and English), Marry, marries, married, marrying, marrieds, opposition, protest; verb/noun forms from other meaning, congratulations in Yiddish in German language, expressing annoyance, disbelief in Irish language, greeting, accompanied by a slight bow with the palms pressed together before the chest or face (India), (Afrikaans) expressing pleased surprise or shock, cry of sorrow and grief in Irish language, expressing pain; (noun) a socket in which a precious stone is set; (verb) to set a precious stone in a socket, the call of a public crier for attention before making a proclamation, contempt; (noun) a New Zealand hill fort.

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