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is haytham kenway a good guy

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I'm lost. He is bad lol. Shay then managed to get in range of Adéwalé and fatally wounded him in combat. After lightning snapped the main mast and left James hanging from a rope, Haytham continued to quickly save the man just as the attacking ship had sunk, having also been struck by lightning. After Silas left, Lee and Haytham silently killed the soldiers and Cutter before freeing Church and going back to the Green Dragon Tavern. Do people not care they're raising the prices for next gen games? Evil-doer Smythe reminded Haytham that such a revolt would rule out him ever reaching the Colonies, so he agreed to investigate. Haytham personally accompanied Shay as they continued to track Adéwalé's movements, with Haytham eventually deciding to provide a distraction for Shay to get close. He gave Haytham permission to conduct his investigation among his troops, but also requested his fellow Templar serve with him during the war against the French. OK lets cut to the chase. Assassin's Creed III His cloak was also adorned by symbols both resembling a Templar cross near the top, and an Assassin insignia, referencing his dual heritage. Haytham managed to break free, but too late to prevent the mercenary's execution. Haytham E. Kenway (December 4, 1725 - September 16, 1781, age 55 at death) is the main antagonist of Assassin's Creed III, Grand Master of the Colonial Templars and the father of Ratonhnhaké:ton, also known as Connor, the game's protagonist. What is a Templar anyway? [MINOR SPOILER TO OTHERS] Haytham Kenway in fact never becomes a foul guy. Do I need a gaming computer to play fortnite and roblox. When the shopkeeper appeared reluctant, Haytham threatened his son, forcing him to recount that he had already informed two British soldiers of Digweed's location, and that they had blackmailed him into keeping quiet. Aspasia | Deimos | Kleon | Pausanias of Sparta | Exekias | Iokaste | The Hydra | Polemon | Nyx | Elpenor | Sotera | The Master | Hermippos | Midas | Epiktetos | The Centaur of Euboea | The Chimera | The Silver Griffin | Machaon | Brison | Podarkes | Rhexenor | Iobates | Kodros | Pallas | Deianeira | Belos | Swordfish | Okytos | Melite | Harpalos | Zoisme | Diona | Chrysis | The Mytilenian Shark | Melanthos | The Octopus | Sokos | Asterion | Skylax | The Monger | Lagos | Kallias | Silanos, Ptolemaic Dynasty: Flavius Metellus | Lucius Septimius | Julius Caesar | Pothinus | Berenike | Hetepi | Khaliset | Taharqa | Eudoros | Medunamun | Rudjek | Ktesos | Actaeon | Gaius Julius Rufio | Ampelius | Ptahmose | Tacito As Haytham went into Birch's office to confront him, he forced his sword through the door and the guard waiting behind to pounce him. Haytham E. Kenway (December 4, 1725 - September 16, 1781) is the main antagonist of Assassin's Creed III, Grand Master of the Colonial Templars and the father of Ratonhnhaké:ton, the game's main protagonist. Get your answers by asking now. As Connor warned Washington of the British plans, Haytham snuck behind the two and discovered a letter ordering an attack on Connor's village, Kanatahséton. Haytham agreed with Shay's points and spared Achilles, but not before shooting him in the shin as a reminder of his defeat. Haytham's Virtues & Faults. For the first three sequences of Assassin's Creed III, Haytham serves as the main protagonist, but after killing Edward Braddock, both Haytham's true loyalties (The Templar Order) and role as the main antagonist of the story are revealed. IMHO more often refers to one's opinion(s) than a fact, right? Afterwards, having the Assassin's Hidden Blade to compensate for his lost sword, Haytham then brought Lucio to Birch so that the Templar Grand Master could blackmail Lucio's mother Monicainto decoding the journal that Haytham had retrieved from Juan Vedomir. He is a templar. Avenge his father's death. After obtaining the artifact and assassinating its owner, Haytham fled the opera house and met once more with his co-conspirators. He revealed he had been a member of Braddock's inner circle of mercenaries, which worried Haytham. Viking Age: Alfred the Great | Fulke | Gorm Kjotvesson (Avgos Spearhand | Frideswid | Hunta | Kjotve the Cruel | Leofgifu | Vicelin) | Tatfrid (Gifle | Havelok | Herefrith | Mucel | Patrick | Wigmund) | Reeve Derby (Abbess Ingeborg | Audun | Eanbhert | Grigorii | Gunilla | Tata) | Blaeswith (Beneseck of Bath | Ealhferth | Heika of Friesland | Hilda | Selwyn | Yohanes Loukas) | Zealots (Beorhtsige | Bercthun | Callin | Cola | Cudberct | Eorforwine | Heike | Horsa | Hrothgar | Kendall | Osgar | Redwalda | Wealdmaer | Woden) Haytham found him, and distraught, killed the priests who performed the operation before setting the monastery ablaze. He is the father of the Assassins's Creed III antagonist, Haytham Kenway and the grandfather of the protagonist of the same game, Ratonhnhaké:ton (or Connor Kenway). While Adéwalé was able to escape from the Templars on his ship, he was relentlessly pursued by Shay on his ship, the Morrigan. Using the tactic of the Trojan horse, Haytham sneaked his men into the fort, freed the slaves within, killed the fort's general and wounded Silas so that he could be shot by Church. While returning to London, Haytham reread his childhood diary and realized that Betty, one of the nursemaids, had been in a relationship with Digweed. It’s such a great story and adds so much more to his personality. Haytham obliged him as there was room, but Braddock refused. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. To his dismay, Achilles discovered that Shay was right about the temples and while attempting to stop Liam from shooting Shay, he disturbed the artifact and caused an earthquake. I may be wrong but Carter plans on killing him so he must be. From there, he met with Birch for a short while, confirming the Order's suspicion that the precursor artifacts were tied to the New World. How do I finally get my mom to understand watching videos is not 'gaming'? Listening, he learned that Braddock refused a truce to end the French and Indian War and was rallying troops before he would take a trip to Fort Duquesne, and also that a copy of the plans was located inside of the command tent. She described a journal in Edward's possession, which Haytham realized was the one Vedomir had been decoding, and explained he had unintentionally tipped Birch to its location when he told him where his sword was kept. Reply . Haytham Kenway is my favorite character in Assassin's Creed III, and I really don't if he's good or bad. Summary: Shay wasn’t supposed to die so young. Their bliss was ended when Lee came, delivering a letter from Holden, which revealed Jennifer had been found. This exchange of words between the two bought Shay the time he needed to reach his target as Haytham intended. Haytham attacked Connor, and though he initially had the upper hand, Connor was able to even the odds by stabbing him in the arm. There, learning that Digweed had died of his injuries, Haytham resolved to pursue the pointy eared man into the Dutch Republic. Haytham's family was walking home from a trip to White's Chocolate House on Chesterfield Street, when the group were attacked by a mugger trying to steal Tessa's necklace. "All people should be equal and not in turns." ... haytham is just too good. 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