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how far can a shelf span without support

Posted by: | Posted on: November 27, 2020

----- Our main goal is creating educational content. But there is nobody waiting with a hammer, if is varies. We would then measure the sag. That said, there is nothing like building a prototype of the shelf and actually testing it. In this video, he shows the progression of sleds he built, and unveils the final version. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. If so, will all standard closet rod brackets conform to this depth? © 2020 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. The shorter shelf (61 CM) can hold about 10 KG overall. Remote Assist is your resource for a virtual diagnosis and repair, In-home service required? To determine whether you need center support or not, for me, is a rule of thumb that I picked up over time. A double beam 2x12 can extend over 12 feet to (2) 2x10 can extend over 10 feet and so on. The single biggest difference between reality and the equations is the contribution of creep, or deformation over time. The thumb rule is 2X4 will extend 6, 2X6 8. Who is it? A Redwood 4x6 beam should span no more than 6' between supporting posts. There are four factors to consider: 1) how the load is distributed, 2) the expected load, 3) the shelf material, 4) the method of … What a rip off here I thought I could put a 9x12 white oak timber in and calculate if it would be adequate across a 22 foot span.. A local tech is on their way to help. This is an appropriate thing to consider since there are many people choosing to go with quartz for their countertop surfaces. There is a new post in here about using metal in your woodworking projects. That puts the shelf at 67 3/4" to the top. It may go even 20 feet , provided the beam has considerably higher depth to breadth ratio. The 11 1/4" shelf will give the room needed to get the hanger on. A common convention is 12" from the back wall to the center of the rod. Some manufacturers make the seat that the pole sets in different heights. is going to depend strongly on the glue used to hold everything together.One of the reasons that I like wide edgings on plywood is that the edging is both stiffer than plywood (less deflection) as well as largely creep-resistant. Thanks for contributing an answer to Home Improvement Stack Exchange! Basically, you need to calculate the moment of inertia for the shelf's cross-section, determine how it's loaded (even load over the length, or concentrated in the middle), and whether it's fixed on the ends or free to move. Check sag (deflection under load) and creep (permanent deformation under load) with the materials and design you plan to use. Obviously, the larger the beam, the greater the distance it can span between posts. How to place 7 subfigures properly aligned? (I now have a support on the bottom 2 shelfs). Where should small utility programs store their preferences? Chris Schwarz has worked out of his tool chests for decades, and finds them to be the perfect combination of protection, access, and flexibility. The former will need a 1X backer at the top were the latter will not. How Far Can Quartz Overhangs Extend? As far as I know, there is no "standard" for this. I've looked for them. That puts the shelf at 67 3/4" to the top. Enter now for your chance to win more than $2,000 worth of woodworking equipment from Woodpeckers. IF ya' drive drive a truck over it or you into that World Wide Wrestlin' thing... You can sink that hunk of 'steel' into the back of a 3/4 inch shelf with a groove and dado and never notice it. Sag is definitely less if the shelf ends are attached to the case, so if the shelf works ok supported by a couple of bricks or paint cans, it should work even better if it's attached to the case sides or back.Ken (I was a real engineer once upon a time) M, And I thought my 2000 plus books was bad, but then again I am a single guy in my thirtys so I have to buy them all myself (although of late finding anything to buy is harder then the buying is). Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community. The widest hangers I know about are 18.5", so half of that is 9.25" plus 3/4" wiggle room. UNLIMITED Membership is like taking a master class in woodworking for less than $10 a month. So I purchased some 1/2X1/2 angle iron.. Take a hunk of that about 8 foot long and put it between two supports and try to push it down to the ground! Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Certain types of clothing tend to extend past the edge of the hanger. The standard is 67" up to the top of a 1X4 ledger and 12" from drywall for single hanging. The 11 1/4" shelf will give the room needed to get the hanger on. Alternatively, the use of 9-inch, 12-inch on-center spaced stretcher allows you to go up to 17 feet, 9 inches to L480. I have found the Sagulator to be fairly good whenever I have used it. We use cookies to enhance your experience. Especially important if the back wall of the closet is an exterior wall. What if the P-Value is less than 0.05, but the test statistic is also less than the critical value? * Thickness also matters. The sleeves of jackets and dress shirts for example. I said "self what do we do".. And I said to myself.. "I was a tank mechanic in the Army and we used METAL!". * Length really does matter. Were any IBM mainframes ever run multiuser? One where you can enter a value for the depth, length ,thickness and specie(solid oak,particle board, mdf etc.) One question that many may wonder about when discussing countertop overhang support brackets is whether these are needed for quartz countertops. I will admit that size is a bit extreem in both depth and widths but the numbers did work in the caculator but not in real life. Running your 2 shelf sizes, the larger shelf span (122 CM) won't hold more than about 2 KG overall without noticeably sagging. Our experts are at your service — whenever and wherever you may be. Realistically, could you build a useful built in closet in a space that is 77.5in x 9.4in? This is what I learned 40 years ago from my then 60 year old mentor. A workable bookshelf design at 30" will probably perform like crud at 36" wide, and don't even think about 40" without additional support. The latest shelf project has 30" spacing, fixed ends, and 1-1/2" wide edging in white oak. I ran the numbers on a shelf I built (to fit existing cases I was given) and with out a thick front and back (the shelfs I built have said fronts and backs) for the depth of the shelf using the numbers they give for books, the shelfs should work, so with the front and the backs added (and a pin in the center of the rear) I figured I was pretty good, but they sagged something nasty. Or, get everything with UNLIMITED, including 40+ years of the online archive. Clean all oil off and glue into place down the center of the shelf.. A face frame on the shelf would help.. Minimum closet depth is 24" so that puts the closet rod at 12" too. If it is a child's room these can be varied too, say down to 40" and 80". If you look at the moment of inertia equations, it's clear why: resistance to deflection is proportional to the cube of the distance from the center of the cross-section. In "Star Trek" (2009), why does one of the Vulcan science ministers state that Spock's application to Starfleet was logical but "unnecessary"? The dimension to the back of the door give a little room for this to work if need be. So you want to have room for them. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Most center brackets are gauged to use a 1X on the wall to get the back of the bracket in the same plane as the ledger. So keep that in mind when desiding how much to trust the sagulator. What would result from not adding fat to pastry dough, OOP implementation of Rock Paper Scissors game logic in Java, Decipher name of Reverend on Burial entry.

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