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critical media studies syllabus

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… Continue reading →, Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier  Critical Pedagogies in Neoliberal Times Vol. Such conduct is punishable under the University’s disciplinary system.” If you have any doubts about whether something constitutes plagiarism, you should contact me in advance of turning in work with plagiarized content. What were the benefits and challenges of collaborating on this kind of design project? What was the balance of work like in your group? Preparation: Do the reading and take the gameplay seriously. These notes may also serve as the starting point for your papers and project. Short Presentations on Critical Videogame Studies Topic (In Groups of 3). Gaming Rhetoric as Gender Capital”, “Reaching Toward Home Software Interface as Queer Orientation in the Video Game Curtain”, “What Games Can Learn from the Engagement Layers of Papers, Please”, “A Psychologically ‘Embedded’ Approach to Designing Games for Prosocial Causes”, http://disabilities.uchicago.edu/accommodations. This website gives you access to the rich tools and resources available for this text. Guest lecture by Ian Bryce Jones, Presentation Topic 14: Game spectatorship: Twitch and Let’s Play, Nov 9: TA Section: Critical play of network games (Journey), Nov 13: “Procedural Rhetoric” in Persuasive Games (Ian Bogost, p. 1-40), “Gaming Literacy” in The Video Game Theory Reader 2 (Eric Zimmerman, p. 23-32), What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy (James Paul Gee, p. 1-12), and “A Psychologically ‘Embedded’ Approach to Designing Games for Prosocial Causes” (Geoff Kaufman and Mary Flanagan, p. 1-13). This will allow you to to access a particular resource section. National/Transnational/Global media CRITICAL VIDEOGAME STUDIES SIGN 26038/ ENGL 12320/ MAAD 12320/ CMST 25945/ GNSE 22320 . ● Identify the core scholarly literature and key concepts and theories of performance studies, media studies, new media studies, critical race studies, and gender studies, particularly theories pertinent to the cultural forms of television and social media. Proudly created with Wix.com, Since the 1960s, games have blossomed into the world’s most profitable artistic and cultural form. In order to incorporate some overviews of these topics, you will give short presentations, in groups of 3, about a number of predetermined methodological, formal, and topical areas, such as feminist game studies, casual games, and visual novels (see course schedule for more). New Media Please review the University of Chicago’s official policy online. critical theories and methods such as historicism, feminism, critical race theory, Marxism, anthropological ethnography, and/or media theory. The grade will continue to drop at a comparable increment every 24 hours thereafter. I taught this course twice … Continue reading →, WHERE MEDIA SCHOLARS SHARE RESOURCES & IDEAS FOR THE UNDERGRADUATE CLASSROOM, Short Assignment: Using Anti-Surveillance Tools, Contemporary Ecological Perspectives and Media Education, Teaching Irresponsibly and Uncomfortably: The Role of Theory in the Neoliberal University, The Classroom as a Space of Resistance: Disrupting Neoliberal Politics through Critical Communication Pedagogy, “Talking About Whiteness”: Using Digital Pedagogy to Interrogate Racial Privilege, Advertising and Propaganda: Critical Approaches, Up with Chris Hayes: Media monopolies thrive as local newspapers fold, Videographic Exercises and Radical Pedagogy in the Classroom, Audiovisual Essays as Empowering Pedagogical Tools for Students of Film Practice, Best Practice in the Inclusion of Video Essays in the School Curriculum, Authenticating Assessment through the Video Essay–A Pilot Case Study, Sound Studies in a Liberal Arts Curriculum, Paratexts and Pedagogy / Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier Vol. Course Location: Stuart Hall 105. What did you contribute to the group? Each student must make one presentation during the semester. Cell Phones and Laptops: Cell phones must absolutely be turned off in class. As a kind of fifth blog entry, you will write a review of, any video game that we do not play together for class. To arrange class-related accommodations, please see Student Disability Services prior to scheduling a meeting with me: http://disabilities.uchicago.edu/accommodations, Attendance, Preparation, and Discussion in Class and Section: 15%, Short Presentations on Critical Videogame Studies Topic (5-7 minutes in groups of 3): 5%, Blog Posts (4 Entries and Weekly Responses) and Game Review (2-3 pages): 15%, Final Group Project: Group Abstract (300-400 words), Group Class Presentation (5 minutes), Group Project (variable but substantial), and Individual Reflection (2-3 pages): 40%. Ethnographic research (10%). Academic dishonesty is a very serious offense — even if it is unintentional. Comm 5211 Fall 2009 Prof. Gil Rodman. 'Timely Arrival: We only meet a handful of times throughout the quarter so make the most of each session. Each post must also comment on a topic from the week in which it is posted (so you can’t, for instance, return to a topic from Week 2 on Week 9 unless it is in some way related to a current discussion). All readings and games are to be completed for the date on which they are listed. Its broad appeal made the superhero genre an ideal topic through which to engender a sense of critical media engagement in a diverse community of university students. Psychoanalytic Criticism <> (function() { 586 0 obj <> endobj � This course attends to a broad range of video game genres, including First-Person Shooters (BioShock), platformers (Problem Attic), role-playing games (Undertale), visual novels (Doki Doki Literature Club), serious games (SPENT), and more. ���iZ��9�m���'C���[w�,��"�|A�!��%�"yhxj30'. By highlighting key themes and methodologies of the field, the course synthesizes themes from lower-level communications and media studies courses to provide a foundation for advanced study in media. In this abstract, introduce your project and comment upon the type of research and technical knowledge that will be necessary to complete your work in the final month of the quarter. Plagiarism: As the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students notes, “It is contrary to ethics, to academic integrity, and to the spirit of intellectual inquiry to submit the statements, ideas, or work of others as one’s own. | Privacy Policy. When you think about a video game, on the other hand, you might consider elements including (but not limited to) aesthetic style, interface design, navigability, (non-)interactivity, game mechanics, platform affordances, networked dimensions, and so forth. h�b```����� ��ea�X�`��(�$���eb�V�;ͥ Z/�O��6a4g��� ��g�껥�v�Z 1�i��r�CI�sB��z���A>!�M6N��LV�oY$��T̮�ծq��˚��-)�����9]4���p燞ֈ��� ��.

Gremlin Protein Structure, Baked Leftover Rice, Meatball Stroganoff Without Cream Of Mushroom Soup, Will Grass Seed Itself, Godrej Eon Convertible Refrigerator, Asking For Information In French, Original Doom System Requirements,

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