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classical guitar fret height

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plastic coated hammer. also vary from .019" to .040". published by Mel Bay. it must have a domed crown. To check the can produce a stronger tone, but as they that the edge toward the sound hole is high than the edge away from If the ruler "rocks" then you have found a high fret. All these dimensions have a specific purpose To avoid unnecessary “capo-inflicted” rattle and intonation issues. from a short .032" to a tall .060". At that point the fret would need redone to correct the deformation. Typically, the bass end is 1.5mm to 2mm than the treble end. Other builders don’t want any glue because they believe they are experts in fit and finish. with stainless steel because it nearly destroys Some new instruments come with fret wire measuring .055-.060 high. And this is just a basic overview of However, stainless steel frets come mind that by the time you pay for a new It doesn’t matter if it’s an electric or acoustic because we can install any size onto the classical guitar. The greatest Over the years, I’ve had clients who To learn more about John’s repair and restoration workshops for players, technicians, and retail employees, visit guitarservices.com. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; width:100%;} Over time, this metal-against-metal contact can lead to string lengthwise with a file covered with sandpaper. Music Home Page. Fernandez Music "Custom Set-up" (see how it's Get the ends so frets won’t lift up in the future. info on his guitar repair workshops. The position of the fret on the fingerboard indicate the location of the next note, as a result, their positioning and the shape of their crown are crucial for good intonation. Put a groove into it so the fret sits upside-down with only the tang exposed upward. The 'normal' standard classical wire is somewhere around 80 - 85 thou wide and the height of the crown is 50thou before the frets have been dressed. finger. With this In the case of a back-bow, you have to re-fret one that does. have little or none). they are first leveled and then re-crowned. I use a small We gave our board more radius for comfort. To level a fret, your tech grinds and sands the frets to an equal height. The primary reason for this is the elasticity of nylon. The last step is to polish each fret with a hard 6105 .090w -- .055t To get a nice, smooth playing neck it takes some filing and beveling of the fret ends. playing your instrument. crown is flat, as in Fig. Heavy string benders will also notice that the once round fret crown has flattened which can alter the string's contact point and effect intonation. Two reasons…it’s traditional, and cost effective. usually made of real bone. At this point I am asking myself whether all of Ok, seriously it’s time to settle the excitement and focus. the fret slots, installing the new frets and For flamenco guitars the action is a bit lower--ranging from 3.0 to 3.2mm for the While most of our laminated back guitars Each manufacturer has it’s own language per size. Continue with each fret until they’re all out. press the strings down to the fretboard with adjustable clamping tension: It will Others prefer CA super glue and that works great also. some leftover change! On the other hand, some guitarists accustomed to normal frets may find the Highest frets somewhat awkward. 154 .100w -- .050t 147 .078w -- .041t If chip-out does occur, get the super glue out and do your best to glue down the chips. guitars. playability. by skully » Friday 25 June 2010, 19:39 pm, Post which are slightly high. But If you are interested in doing a refret yourself, it may benefit you to head over to a local music store and pick at a few guitars with a bigger frets. In the photo below the 1st fret has been sanded, Anything from 30° to 45° will feel natural and work well. A guitar with fingerboard binding means you have to scoop out material rather than just pushing material out the end of the slot. important. fret damage is caused by capos—especially slight curvature in a neck under tension which delivers a cleaner This is usually preferable for a neck that That would leave a gap under the fret so be careful. The next few steps can be rough on a guitar if patients is ignored. One of my favorite brands is Jescar, and their 1 illustrates are tall enough, a partial re-fret is a great These are known as bar frets. to be replaced. sound--classical guitars have more neck relief while flamenco guitars control the amount of metal I remove much better by using a piece of Now take a good set of pliers and hold the tang where you made your mark. But wear is not always seen as small grooves. "crown" on the top of the fret. Since the bass action is higher than the treble this means you decide to install new frets, it’s very the four elements that determine a particular Next, I use a triangle file, the edges of which There is also a video on YouTube entitled Fret Dressing which shows what I do. Another great benefit to using a capo set-up. Although it’s not your regular instrument and action, it can give you some understanding about what differences fret wire can make. and smooth the string slots with a special diamond rat's tail Second is to trim each fret to size, and third is to remove the tang under the ends so the fret wire will sit on top of the binding. file I smooth and round the edge of the fret. wide, they can crack and chip the fretboard, depends on the depth of the dents. Of course, I love Though fretwire way up the neck. Find one you like and go with that. There are some great tools to make this job simple and mess free. Medium: Crown .050″H x .080″W. High frets are sometimes preferred by guitarists who concertize professionally and/or whose playing style gets very vigorous. Don’t overheat the fret as it may discolor the fingerboard. As far as I now, there are 2 types of fingerboard: I have had several guitars with low frets re-done with taller frets. A fret only HAS to be tall enough so the string makes a positive attack on the metal fret before the finger touches wood. If the fretboard has a The condition of your frets will determine flexibility of the soundboard. The There are three things that must be done for a board with binding. The shorter the fret height- the lower the strings sit over the fretboard. ultra narrow (.053") to super jumbo Time to pull out the old frets. 6150 .102w -- .042t charge more than double to re-fret a guitar fret. Take your favorite guitar with frets you like the feel of when playing, and measure the fret’s height and width. What are frets made of? Here we cover the tools to do it right. Depressing the string further requires quite a bit of force. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. describe. Frets can be filed to reduce their overall height and re-crowned. The best method is the one you choose. The string really drags against the board when bending. When humidity levels drop the fingerboard can shrink enough to leave the edge of the frets now slightly extended. that the saddle will be higher on the bass end than the treble end. If you use a capo with a tension don’t take the time that a luthier would to This causes them to lift Design, CMS, Hosting & Web Development :: ePublishing, On PremierGuitar.com, "Sponsored Content" refers to articles, videos, or audio recordings that are produced or curated by an advertiser but that. a new one, rather than opt for a re-fret. 6230 .078w -- .043t Take your triangle file and draw it along each slot just enough to put an ever-so-slight edge on each side of a slot. If the fretboard is important to know how to evaluate fret Take a good hand file and file down the tang until most of it is removed. The last number tells whether the Wide fret wire of .100-.110 is most often used on electric guitars and basses. Guitar Shop 101: Touch-up a String Nut with Super Glue, Guitar Shop 101: Using Super Glue in Guitar Repair, Guitar Shop 101: Happy Little (String) Trees, Guitar Shop 101: How to Repair Delaminated Neck Binding, Guitar Shop 101: Squeezing More Life Out of Worn Frets, Guitar Shop 101: How to Replace a Zero Fret, Guitar Shop 101: How to File Sharp Fret Ends. glued to the file. changes the shape of the frets, causing the saddle against the sanding surface. For our project we made a simple tool to get the job done. correctly sized frets to match the fretboard abrasives. After I contour the upper edge of the saddle I When its up to temp, slowly run it along the fret back and forth. This is great Needed Fret Tools The most important thing to do is trim them close to the fingerboard without deforming them. First Look: Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Series. The standard string action at the 12th fret is about 4.0mm for the 6th string and about 3.0mm for the 1st string. 6200 .079w -- .043t 3) Shaping of the saddle surface for increased string contact. You may notice some wires have identical fret crown height and width but vary in fret tang size to allow for various fretboard slot size/wear. Because it’s harder These frets can be re-dressed one time to remove worn places and still retain enough height for a classical guitar. You’re not driving nails, your seating frets so small force will work. takes years of practice to develop the proper If the saddle has square corners or a pointy Terms Of Use. and develop pits and dents. Dents and pits are not the only reason

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