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according to schultz agricultural transformation will follow only a

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However, he point out that when agriculture gets going in the 2nd phase, it will provide funds for the non-farm sector to develop. Mellor feels that while on the small farms, under employment (or disguised unemployment) may exist due to the existence of zero value labour, on larger farms, underemployment exists due to another reason. It is direct embodiment of human labour and therefore, its productivity is quite low. It is a level which indicates changing standard of living found in dynamic, non-traditional agricultural societies. This map is considered to the same for each farmer. Here heavy machinery will be used in agriculture, labour will be available for absorption in developing non-farm sector. Share Your PDF File This is because withdrawal of labour will give a higher per capital income to the people who are still left in the agricultural sector. the amount of labour to be used is not to be disguised. The traditional inputs are also used in this phase. The first is in consumption to a suggestion made by Schultz. Technologically Dynamic Agriculture-Low Capital Technology 3. These features, result in low productivity and low income in these farms. In this regards, he further points on that regional diagnostic studies be conducted to ensure suitability of the package. Backward sloping supply curve in traditional agriculture: Mellor is of the view that supply curve for agriculture production in traditional agriculture is backward sloping. Before we follow Mellor to find out the point of equilibrium of labour use on large farms we may refer to the three types of incomes levels as distinguished by Mellor. This is negative income effect of rise in prices of agricultural products. This curvature of the production possibility curve is valid for farms of all sizes. The shape of the iso-utility curves and the production possibility curves are such that according to Mellor, the equilibrium point will always be to the right of the point where the marginal productivity of labour is equal to zero. In other words, each unit of leisure added (or work put it) will be progressively exchanged with larger dose of goods and services. Just as there is a set of indifference curves, there is also a set of iso utility curves, each higher curve indicating a higher level of satisfaction as compared with the one below it. Technological changes will follow only the institutional reforms. One need only look at the examples of Nyerere's Tanzania or, to lesser degree, India in the 1960s to see the strong statist overtones that such an aproach took. Disclaimer Copyright, Share Your Knowledge Income level beyond OY is deemed to be a non-traditional agriculture. In India, an epidemic called Influenza appeared during 1917-19 and it wiped out about 1/6 of the total population of the country. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Economics. On the one hand, there is a temptation to produce more, i.e. And it cannot move out of the traditional rut by itself. The capital is in a very crude form. There is no displacement of labour. Technological Dynamic Agriculture-High Capital Technology: Mellor has not discussed this phase in detail as he was mainly interested, like Schultz in transformation of a backward agriculture. In that case of course we shall consider work put in and not the leisure as the other commodity on better say, the discommodity in the combination). But he points out that their use has not added significantly to the output mainly because other complementary inputs are not used along with the fertilizers. As their income rises, the phenomenon of backward sloping supply curve-relevant for the traditional agriculture will apply and the total agricultural output will fall. Between OYo and OY, the equilibrium level of labour use will be determined at the point where the satisfaction from output produced is the maximum. As land is limited and so is the capital, additional labour force is the only source of increasing income in such an agriculture. one likes to substitute labour for leisure. In other words, on such farms, there will be underemployment of labour even when the marginal productivity of labour is positive and is more than zero. All of then start from the origin C in the direction of CO. Axis CO shows man-time at C, it is presumed that zero work is put in while leisure availed of is OC. (d) agriculture does not use machinery due to availability of cheap labour. (v) Development of communication system to help farmers make choices. According to Mellor equilibrium level of labour use on such small farms as ensure income level only upto OYo will be indicated by the point where marginal productivity of labour becomes equal to zero. Traditional Agriculture 2. Agriculture, Development of Agriculture, Agriculture Management. The supply therefore falls when prices of agriculture products increase. One point may be noted with regard to all these three phases of development. As the law of diminishing returns starts applying to agricultural product from the very beginning this curve progressively becomes flat as the amount of labour use increases along x-axis. The total output in the curve, however, is not shown purely in terms of the value of actual physical agricultural output. OY indicates this level in the diagram. It is rather in terms of the value of combination of agriculture output and the non-agricultural goods and services that are exchanged for agricultural goods at each level of labour use. Size of the farm will increase due to the transfer of tax from the farm sector to the non-farm sector High level of investment in machinery in agriculture becomes possible because of two factors: (1) Capital formation in the developed agricultural sector grows further and. According, to him resources are optimally allocated on these farms. OY should indicate the maximum level of income which a farmer can aspire for. According to Mellor, the pattern of consump­tion in a traditional agricultural is rather rigid of a rigid. Share Your PPT File, Conditions for Maximising Total Revenue (With Diagram). But this need not be due to the existence of zero value labour. If a farmer wants more of goods and services, he will have to have so less of leisure, i.e., put in so much more work that he gets the same amount of satisfaction. The only difference will be that the production possibility curve will be higher for larger farm than for the smaller farms though it will start from the origin in each case. If all such curves are drawn we get what is, called an iso-utility map. The phases are: 1. This will ensure optimum use of resources from the long term point of view. This will be obviously a point where the given production possibility of a farm is just tangent to one of the iso-utility curves. The heavy machinery will be developed in the expanding non-farm sector. Mellor feels that the following steps are necessary if the traditional agriculture has to move into the 2nd phase of development and also if the second phase is to be all embracive. (i) Institutional changes for creating necessary incentives for development. He expects much from the Government to push traditional agriculture into a non-traditional phase. Capital formation in traditional agriculture is very low. But the consumption pattern is rigid. This phase according to Mellor have the following important features: (a) Agriculture still occupies the most important position in the economy in terms of income generation, (b) Demand for agricultural products continues to grow due to increasing population, (c) Size of the farms continues to be small due to slow growth of the non-farm sector and.

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